Support the Work of DFLV

Your financial support is important and appreciated as we strive to make the Lehigh Valley a more understanding, supportive, and welcoming place for people living with dementia.

Each donation you make goes back to the community in the form of education, outreach, resource development, and advocacy. 

Donations take many shapes and forms, but every donation is a gift of support to further our mission. Raising money from corporate sponsor-ships, grants, government funding, and individual donors will enable DFLV to reduce the burden on families who are dealing with dementia.

  • If you are an individual, please consider making an online donation.
  • If you represent a business or organization that would like to support DFLV, you can make a donation online or reach out to one of our officers to explore making a gift.
  • If you are aware of a local event or activity where DFLV can be present to raise awareness and connect with other donors, please contact us.

Thank you for considering a contribution in support of the vision of a Dementia Friendly Lehigh Valley!